The vigorous construction communications effort championed by the Nickel team daily is keeping the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine’s North Site Residential Development rising smoothly in this corner of Morningside Heights, alongside the world’s fourth-largest church.

Being developed by The Brodsky Organization, the North Site development is one of ten residential projects that Nickel’s urban high-rise construction specialists have underway in Manhattan. This 400,000 square-foot apartment development will host 430 units, providing new housing options for the area.

Building these two 15-story cast-in-place concrete towers—designed by Handel Architects—while supporting the ever-evolving events at the Cathedral has required a finely tuned orchestration of construction logistics with the project’s neighbors.

The on-going delivery of materials, towering cranes and staging materials synchronize strategically with:

  • Flow of tour buses visiting the Cathedral’s 13-acre site
  • Hundreds of daily attendees arriving for worship services and civic, social and cultural programs—from the 25,000 meals-a-year Soup Kitchen to the Cathedral’s world-renown Textile Conservation Lab
  • The Cathedral School’s 300 students, faculty and staff
  • The 24-7 stream of patients, staff and visitors to the project’s other notable neighbor—Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital

For a sense of the project’s magnitude, a few comparisons:

  • The 30,000 cubic yards of bedrock removed for the towers’ foundation would fill nine Olympic swimming pools
  • The 18,000 cubic yards of concrete to form the building’s cast-in-place architectural concrete superstructure is five Olympic pools worth
  • The development’s 520’ basement is a tenth of a mile or just 60’ shy of two football fields

Big stuff in the big city.